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Security warning

  • There is nothing more important to us than all families enjoying our products safely!
  • Therefore, even though we trust you will use your discretion and make the best decisions for the safety of your loved ones: below you will find some guidelines we ask everyone to adhere to.
  • Adult supervision is required when using our products: please stay close to observe your children of all ages at all times.
  • Keep in mind that climbing and being at any height from the ground can be potentially dangerous, especially for younger children who are developing their motor skills.

General Safety:

  • Remove and dispose of all plastic bags and packaging immediately after opening as they may pose a choking hazard.
  • Products should always be used under adult supervision.
  • Products are intended to be used on a flat, non-slip surface with sufficient padding underneath (our recommendation) include affiliate marketing article).
  • The products are not intended for use on stairs or placed on surfaces other than the ground. But can be used with items with the same orientation (our advice) include affiliate marketing article).
  • Pay special attention as jumping/climbing on the products can cause the product to move from its original position.
  • When using the products in different configurations, ensure they are stable for the intended purpose before use. Please use your discretion before climbing on any structure as it may not be suitable depending on the child's weight.
  • The products are not intended to be used as a sleeping surface for children under 1 year of age.
  • Zippers should be regularly inspected to ensure there are no loose parts. Remove and discontinue use immediately if the zippers are found to be damaged.
  • Covers should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no exposed expanded padding: it could pose a potential choking hazard.
  • keep expanded padding away from children when covers have been removed for washing.
  • Remove and discontinue use immediately if the padding becomes damaged.
  • By purchasing our products, you acknowledge that it is the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the child(ren)'s responsibility to provide a safe environment.
  • As well as their responsibility to determine the appropriate and proper use of our products and to follow the safety guidelines and regular inspection as indicated above.
  • Although Klip Kids strives to provide safe products for your family, it declines any responsibility for improper and unsafe use.

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