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Our promise: to ensure constructive fun for your children, allowing them to develop their natural predispositions for the future.


    At Klip Fun Sofa, our mission is to enrich children's playing and learning experiences. We create multifunctional sofas that promote creativity, free play and holistic development, offering families unforgettable moments together.

    Our vision is to be a leader in Europe as the most desired children's play furniture brand, integrating innovation and design into every product. We aspire to be pioneers in combining the fun of free play with technology, expanding our global presence and enriching the lives of families around the world.

Our Values

  • Guide

    We help parents occupy their children's free time productively by encouraging their interests through play.

  • Support

    We keep children engaged while they exercise movement and imagination, lending a hand to families.

  • Stimulation

    We stimulate the formation of solid cognitive, physical, and psychological foundations upon which they will build their lives.

  • Connection

    We promote connections with their bodies while also nurturing family bonds in all their possible forms.

  • Our history

    Born in the heart of a family during the 2020 lockdown, Klip Fun Sofa began as a creative solution to entertain our children while balancing household responsibilities. What started as an idea in a community of mothers on Facebook quickly turned into a successful family business. After moving to Italy in 2022, we were inspired by Maria Montessori's legacy and incomparable Italian design to reinvent the Klip Fun Sofa. Today, we offer not just a product, but an experience that enriches family life.


  • Social Responsibility

    We seek to support the most vulnerable people in our society through donations and contributions for their sustenance. We live and work in Italy, so more than anything, we would like to see how we can help our local community. All KLIP products are manufactured here, despite the high labor costs. Our company remains highly competitive compared to competitor prices (which produce in countries with cheap labor), while still maintaining our high standards of product quality and customer service.


For Conscious and Creative Parenting

In the magnificent canvas of life, children are our most precious and valuable creations. We are the craftsmen of their destiny, the cultivators of their dreams, the architects of their future. In this noble purpose, we rise as guardians of childhood, with an unwavering commitment to raise beings who are happy, authentic, and fulfilled.

We believe in a world where each child is seen and valued for who they are, where their uniqueness is celebrated and nurtured with love and respect. A world where education transcends the confines of classrooms and becomes a journey of discovery, exploration, and constant growth.

We refuse to accept mediocrity and conformity as the norm. We believe in excellence and innovation as drivers of change and progress. We challenge ourselves and society to question conventions, to think beyond the established, to seek new ways to inspire and empower our children.

On this journey towards conscious and creative parenting, we embrace imperfection as a source of learning and growth. We recognize that the path will not always be easy, but we are willing to face challenges with courage and determination. Because we know that in adversity lie the greatest opportunities for transformation and overcoming.

We draw inspiration from the rich cultural and educational heritage of Italy, the birthplace of art, design, and creativity. We take pride in carrying its legacy in our hearts and actions, creating products and experiences that reflect its greatness and propel us towards a brighter future.

We come together in this mission with humility and gratitude, aware of the privilege of being part of the wonderful journey of childhood. Together, as parents, educators, and committed human beings, we pledge to be the architects of a world where every child can flourish and reach their full potential.

May this manifesto be our beacon, our guide on the noble path of raising children who are happy, authentic, and filled with love for life!

For conscious and creative parenting!


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