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The Klip sofa comes with a full warranty against failure within the first three years of purchase due to defects in materials or manufacturing.

  • Should a defect occur during this period, the part will be replaced, provided that the product has been used in accordance with the terms and care described here. The warranty does not apply in cases of consumer misuse, such as: burns, cuts, holes, inappropriate cleaning processes, etc.
  • This warranty does not cover the normal and gradual softening of the material or the gradual decrease in the material's recovery, which does not detract from the proper functioning and properties of the product.
  • Any product found to be in poor hygienic condition will not be covered by this warranty.


  • Use under adult supervision
  • Climb on the modules only when there is no one underneath
  • The modules are suitable for sleeping (only for those over 12 months)
  • Use only coated foams
  • Use the liners with the foam applied
  • Keep foam away from direct sunlight
  • Zippers are intended for adult use
  • Stay away from fire
  • Do not fold the foams or vacuum pack
  • Foam should not be washed or wetted
  • Keep your sofa away from sharp objects

We do not offer a warranty on a replacement product. This means that in the event of product replacement, the 3-year warranty is voided. The replacement product is covered by current consumer rights legislation.

We want you to be completely satisfied with this product. If you have any difficulty with assembly or questions about the instructions, write to us at klipkidsitalia@gmail.com with the subject: INSTRUCTIONS. We will be happy to assist you.

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