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Italian quality

  • Sostenibility

    We create value in an ethical and responsible manner, considering the impact of our decisions on people and the environment. At Klip Kids, we constantly seek and implement new and innovative ideas to develop eco-friendly practices. We create long-lasting products, reuse waste materials, and aim for local production to reduce CO2 emissions related to transportation. We choose suppliers who share our eco-values, optimize packaging, reduce quantity and waste, use materials from renewable and recovered resources as much as possible, employ sustainable energy, and promote recycling solutions.
  • Materials

    From the label to the padding, our materials are made with the highest technology to ensure prolonged and safe use, with technical characteristics designed for today's families, guaranteeing easy maintenance. All materials are subject to rigorous criteria and constant testing to meet and exceed Italian and European standards of quality, safety, fire resistance, and excellence that characterize Klip-Kids, along with the 3-year warranty we provide. You can rest assured, you are choosing the best for your children. Our challenge is to become even more environmentally friendly by developing and using recovered, recycled, or organic raw materials such as corn or bee bioplastic.
  • Design

    Designed and made in Italy, Klip Kids is the only Italian company of play sofas in the world! In this way, we bring nothing less than the elegance and details that are well known to everyone. Our design, developed with four pieces (two folding bases and two triangular cushions), was developed by collaborating with other parents to understand the needs regarding comfort, safety, functionality, and durability. Klip offers modular armchairs and sofas, so all of them work together to multiply the fun. With colors suitable for any environment, we maintain and emphasize your own living style.


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